thought on this weird silk jumpsuit?!

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  1. maltby

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    is it a costume maybe?

    the zipper is nylon, seems to be hand made.

    giant ballooning sleeves in a Victorian style with the tapered long cuffs (they snap) IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1089.JPG IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1091.JPG IMG_1092.JPG


    IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1089.JPG IMG_1090.JPG
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  2. GemGem

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    Could be costume, ime costumes usually look fantastic on the outside, especially from a distance but lack the finer finishing details, often internally the finishing is particularly lacking in finesse as it's just for show, pardon the pun. I'm wondering about the style of it with the pant legs, could this be for ease of manoeuvring during a performance maybe. The nylon zipper could be a replacement so it's not always a sure sign of specific age.

    The experts shall surely chime in and be more helpful.
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  3. maltby

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    heres some pics of it on the mannequin, which helps I think to see it better

    IMG_1213.JPG IMG_1216.JPG IMG_1217.JPG IMG_1220.JPG IMG_1224.JPG
  4. GemGem

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    It's absolutely fab!
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  5. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    Well that surely is unique! It is so odd, with the top seemingly inspired by a circa 1905 dress bodice and the bottom being pants. I wonder if this may have had some sort of over skirt, perhaps something sheer? I also wonder if it was not for costume use. Really is an odd one, but lovely none the less.
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  6. maltby

    maltby Registered Guest

    thanks guys! yeah, I am really struggling with this one. It doesn't fit me or I'd probably give up selling it and try to wear it :)
  7. Jonathan

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    My guess would be a home made early 1970s bridesmaid's outfit... Picture it with a shag haircut and granny boots!
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