Tip Top Trim ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of March13th

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    Fashion trim is our whim! We indulge in fringe, braid, ric-rack and the like, this week, showing off items that are trimmed-OUT! Decorative trim on aprons, beading or embroidery on sweaters, appliques applied onto skirts and dresses, ribbon-tied lingerie, lace-embellished pieces, decorated linens; and even hats that are "fashion fabric-trimmed" are welcome. Get a bead on the creative spirit of trimmings to join in on this parade.

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    From the archives:

    Good Housekeeper 1940’s Pin-Up worthy wash/house dress. Bright red trim, carved celluloid buttons, basket shaped pocket with felt flowers.

    1940's printed cotton dress by Juliana. Metallic braid trim, brass studs and celluloid roses.
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