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    Wow! Some of that stuff is just bizarre. I wonder if/how it will translate to "real clothes?"
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    Well, I think much like other fashion shows some of the stuff, much of it was to grab the attention of the audience. Outrageous creations that were seemingly unwearable but in between garments and outfits that were wearable and desirable with the audience being captivated to remember what was shown.

    A brilliant way in my opinion to really get your clothing to be seen.
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    I don't see anything really new in much of this mix. I think they are fast running out of ideas. Shock value to sell your designs is getting old hat.

    Some interesting things in there, if you separate them out.

    I am probably just jealous because I did not get my invitation. :hysterical:
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    Its translating into big shapes for clothing.
    Fashion is a art form. These shows are not necessarily about translating for the public but to bring adventure back to dressing. Dress as a form of expression.
    Here is latest web cover of Vogue Italia. They are so much more progressive in what they are showing. Four months ago Franca Sozzani died now their editor is now definatly keeping with the progressiveness of the magazine.
    vogue.jpg vogue2.jpg
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