Too COOL for School VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 26th

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    Too COOL For School

    The Urban Dictionary Defines "Cool" This Way...
    TOP DEFINITION: "...Cool ... being real. Being themselves and not caring how other people view what they say or do.

    While Collins Online Dictionary Is A Little More Practical...
    3. adjective - "Clothing that is cool is made of thin material so that you do not become too hot in hot weather."

    And "Philosophy Now Magazine" is A Lot More Philosophical!

    "The aesthetics of cool developed mainly as a behavioral attitude practiced by black men in the United States at the time of slavery. Slavery made necessary the cultivation of special defense mechanisms which employed emotional detachment and irony. A cool attitude helped slaves and former slaves to cope with exploitation or simply made it possible to walk the streets at night. ... Cool represents a paradoxical fusion of submission and subversion. It’s a classic case of resistance to authority through creativity and innovation."

    How Do Vintage Fashion Guild Members Define Cool? Let's Have A Look!
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    1950s boy's coat, pants and cap pattern Simplicity 4455

    1970s mini jumper and blouse pattern Vogue 7789

    1970s flares, shorts, skirt, blouse, jumper and jacket pattern Vogue 8225

    1940s cardigan jacket & waistcoat pattern Simplicity 2936

    1950s dress and waistcoat pattern Simplicity 3345
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    These are all terrific.
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    Amazing with wonderful images.

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