Tropical Heatwave ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of April 16th

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    Warmer weather is around the corner for many of us. This week we parade out vintage fashions ready for the sultry days ahead--and perfect for a tropical getaway! Bring on the breezy dresses, Hawaiian and short-sleeved sport shirts, shorts, sleeveless blouses and halter top styles--especially in summery, lightweight fabrics. Accessorize with open-toed shoes and sandals, straw purses, beachwear, and anything else that says vintage summer fashion!
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    50s cotton sarong dress by Hoaloa in adorable kokeshi doll print, extra small

    70s Pomare Tahiti maxidress in a gorgeous oversized floral

    And a White Stag sleeveless blouse in a soft focus atomic print

    On Etsy, Beverly Feldman gold beaded starfish flipflop sandals, size 9

    And a cute rose print summer sundress, 70s/80s
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    70s Alice Polynesian Fashions Maxi Dress. Floral Print Neon Orchids. Pink and Orange. Bust 38 VFG Island Resort Hawaiian Wear
    vintage halter dress by Royal Hawaiian Creations. 1980s Shoulder aloha Green island v neck circle skirt tropical floral print S waist 24-26

    70s 80s romper short body suit jumpsuit. Floral print halter top shoestring ties. bright colors. Summer Made in USA. bodysuit medium Bust 34 36

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    1950s halterneck top, shorts and beach jacket pattern Advance 7950

    1960s playsuit, poncho and shift dress pattern Simplicity 4997

    1980s playsuit / romper pattern McCalls 9104

    1940s girl's playsuit, dress and bonnet pattern Simplicity 2890

    1970s triangle bikini top
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