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Trying to Find a Great DSLR

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by Sky Ranch Vintage, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Sky Ranch Vintage

    Sky Ranch Vintage Trade Member

    I'm looking to upgrade from my point and shoot to a DSLR :camera:. I've been doing some reasearch and some are better for certain types of photography than others. Do any of you out there have a DSLR that you LOVE and that works great for fashion photography? I am definitely NOT looking for top of the line so I need to keep it under $700, so no Cadilacs, lol!

    I need one that photographs true to color, in low and bright light and with a great autofocus.

    Thanks to all!!
  2. boncly

    boncly Trade Member

    I adore my Nikon D-60. I have a telephoto lens but for my "fashion photography" I simply use the lens that came with it. It has a lot of really great features that I'm too busy to learn how to use, but there is a lot of potential there.

    My DH gave it to me for Christmas a year ago, so I'm sure there's a newer model, but if you can find one now, you might get a really good price.

    Regardless, I can't say enough good about it. Of course ... if I knew how to use all the bells and whistles I might have more to say. LOL

  3. sues*stuff

    sues*stuff Trade Member

    I was also going to recommend the Nikon. I have aD50 and I frequently get compliments on my photos (even though I am basically using it as a point and shoot--I'm sure I could do a lot more if I took the time to learn it).

  4. listitcafe

    listitcafe Registered Guest

    Nikon D90 is awesome. But its the lenses that cost money. They sell a package deal which is not so bad.


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