Two fashion exhibitions in Paris - Dalida & Balenciaga

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    I spent last weekend in Paris with my mom, so that we could see two fashion exhibitions. It was pretty hot, so being inside wasn't such a bad idea, though we also spent a lot of time in nice bistros and restaurants, having something to drink or eat, and watching people, which is always fun! And here's what we saw:

    Dalida - une gardearobe de la ville à la scène at Palais Galliera
    This is a fabulous exhibition about the singer and actress Dalida (a legend in France!) and her fabulous wardrobe that spanned from the late 50s to the 80s. The exhibition rooms were set up completely differently than usual, and things were grouped in themes. It wasn't just about her on-stage wardrobe, but also what she wore in private (hence the title - "a wardrobe from the city to the stage"). It was just fabulous! Most fascinating? Her glittery big-TV-show costumes from the late 70s/early 80s. These were not designer dresses anymore like her earlier dresses (at first her couture and stage dresses were mostly Balmain, then Azzaro amongst others), but they were made by costume makers. Still - hand-sequinned, hand-beaded with an amazing eye for detail. They could have gone just for effect - most of these were worn on stage and in TV shows - but the attention on detail is amazing. Absolute eye candy!

    The 50s and early 60s:
    Looved the detailing on this lovely dress, and how they used the fabric so precisely!
    All dresses by Balmain, for TV and concert appearances. Sometimes she had the same dress made in different fabrics/colors.

    Late 60s to late 70s:
    An eclectic, colorful private wardrobe - lots of YSL and ethnic items.


    WP_20170708_009.jpg WP_20170708_015.jpg
    For stage and shows - mostly slim, slinky black or white gowns. The gown on the left has a top made from a piece of 1930s silk velvet. And of course YSL's Le Smoking.
    WP_20170708_010.jpg WP_20170708_011.jpg
    Amazing beading on this Balmain gown.
    WP_20170708_012.jpg WP_20170708_013.jpg
    Loved this one too for it's art deco-feel sequin embroidery.

    Late 70s to early 80s - the big mega-watt show costumes! These were all mounted on slowly turning platforms.
    "Comme disait Mistinguett" - this cape is just amazing (unfortunately the photo wasn't so good, but one could barely get one without somebody being in the way!). Plissé ruffles, embroidered with sequins, and ostrich feathers!

    WP_20170708_020.jpg WP_20170708_026.jpg
    Loved the ensemble on the left for it's 40s feel. The collar was all rhinestones!

    WP_20170708_028.jpg WP_20170708_030.jpg
    All hand-sequinned for effect on the left... separate bustier and skirt on the right.

    WP_20170708_023.jpg WP_20170708_021.jpg
    Loved this one too - very 80s does 40s! The beading was exquisite!

    WP_20170708_024.jpg WP_20170708_025.jpg
    More dynamite red!

    WP_20170708_031.jpg WP_20170708_032.jpg
    All hand-sewn sequins for perfect effects - and single ostrich feathers too on the left.

    WP_20170708_034.jpg WP_20170708_035.jpg
    On the left - pure old-Hollywood glamour! Rhinestones, beads, sequins and ostrich feathers. One of my favorites! The top was so beautiful! On the right... we just marveled at this one. It's a complete body stocking. We checked - it's all one piece! Imagine trying to put this on... or take it off again!

    And some more things...
    Like accessories... huge rhinestone-studded sunglasses and beaded bags.
    Shoes - a lot of Dior and Charles Jourdan. Often she bought the same shoes in two or three different colors.

    Her film wardrobe
    WP_20170708_040.jpg WP_20170708_042.jpg
    On the left - ensemble by Balmain with amazing embroidery. Right - cotton dress, the lower part of the skirt is removable.
    Just the out fit for the sexy night club singer she played in one of her movies!

    Balenciaga - l'oeuvre au noir at Musée Bourdelle, but organised by the Palais Galliera
    This museum is a sculpture museum, and the exhibtis were scattered all across the different exhibtion spaces. That took a bit of getting used to, but it wasn interesting concept. A sculpture museum does seem fitting though for Balenciaga. As the title said, except for one dress, everything was black. That also meant protecting the items from too much light, so in some roomes the lighting was pretty low, which made taking non-flash photos difficult - therefore I didn't take too many. Some things were also behind glass which made taking photos almost impossible. Plus, black backgrounds... We spent over two hours in there, often trying to figure out how something was constructed. It was just mind-boggling! Absolute genius. The items were grouped by themes - like the use of black beads on sequins on black, contrast between shiny and matte fabrics, the use of lace, the use of color (mostly pink) with black etc. It was just amazing! They also showed some toiles (black too!), sketches and photos that were made of each item of a collection at the time - these usually corresponded to things shown in the exhibition which was a nice touch. So many amazing dresses, and some quite unusual, considering what generally was fashion at the time. I absolutely loved it and can only recommend anyone who still had the chance to see it to go and see it! There's also a very good book to go with the exhibition.

    Coats and suits - 1950s, 1960s, 1940s.

    WP_20170709_012.jpg WP_20170709_016.jpg
    Just figuring out how these two dresses were constructed made our heads spin!
    The ensemble from our Guess the year game :)! From 1938 - I would have guessed wrong too! What a stumper...
    A coat in black and pink... so beautiful!
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    Oooh. Thank you for sharing pictures!

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