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    84F5F749-2530-4FB7-9106-DE56E782474B.jpeg 91BEAB15-8863-40E6-B677-4BC9CDB843B0.jpeg Hello! I’m looking to date this dress so I can price it. I can’t find any other vintage Valentino label out there that just says Valentino and nothing else on it. The other label is too worn to read. My guess is early 70’s. The only other piece of clothing I can find online with the same buttons has a different label than this but is dated early 70’s and rare. I’ve been searching Pinterest and google and can’t find any dresses close to this. Can anyone help me? Thank you!
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    Cute day dress. Agree with your dating, maybe early to mid. Look forward to what others think.

    The use of “rare” can be overused (abused) , unfortunately.
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    With the belt and everything! Score!

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