Vanderbilt Tailored Knits?

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    Hi everyone,
    So very long time no see. I'm dipping my toes back in the water and I came across this label.

    I can not find anything online. I was wondering if anyone else has come across it and if it in anyway related to miss Gloria?

    Thank you in advance you beautiful people
    Beth IMG_1363.jpg IMG_1344.jpg
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    agree with 70s and HELLO BETH!!!!! it is SO great to see you here!!! xoxoxoxo
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    HI BETH! If you're lucky, Lynne will see this and put her investigative prowess to work. It's lovely to see you back here.
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    Beth!!! beatingHeart

    I've got nothing re/ the label though. ironing
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    After a few days spent searching for information about your label (and after just posting here a little while ago, in which I admitted defeat), I think I found something helpful. In my prior post, which I deleted, I noted I had looked at a great many ads, articles, images, etc., but found no reference to your label. That led me to suspect it had no relationship to Gloria Vanderbilt, whose name and story draws much attention to her label. As I was about to give up, I stumbled onto the only label I saw in which the "Vanderbilt" in the label was nearly identical to yours...that is, a label with a block letter/printed/sans serif "V" and cursive "anderbilt." Here is that label, on a woman's knit item, side-by-side with your label:


    You can see that other than the word "Lady," the two Vanderbilts are very similar and are the only two Vanderbilt anything labels I saw that are written like that.

    I then started searching for Lady Vanderbilt and saw it was owned by Springfoot Inc. You can see trademark info for Springfoot and Vanderbilt HERE and HERE.

    Of interest is the fact that Springfoot and Gloria Vanderbilt wound up in a legal tangle over the name Vanderbilt (see HERE).

    I am very comfortable now saying your nice shirt is probably a Springfoot Inc. Vanderbilt label.
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    Lynne, you are a resourceress!
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    Uh, noooooo, but thanks for the thought, Maggie--and great new word!

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