Victoria Royal Ltd. Beaded Gown Dating- 60's

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    I have no idea when this is from. 60's maybe? The skirt is one layer with a transparent liner sewn in. The sleeves have zipper closures as well as the back of the dress . The back also has some metal button closures.
    Thanks for the help :)
    IMG_4025.jpg IMG_4026.jpg IMG_4027.jpg IMG_4028.jpg IMG_4027.jpg
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    Isn't that ever pretty!

    The lining of the bodice appears to be organza, but I couldn't say the fiber for sure—silk is possible with the look of the dress. The skirt has the luminosity of silk. Do you have a close shot of the skirt fabric? It might be silk taffeta. I believe the skirt's transparent lining that you are speaking of would be tulle. The beading would have been hand-sewn. I believe the dress is 1960s-vintage.

    I see some other dresses by the same Victoria Royal Ltd. online, and it looks like they specialized in long formal gowns.
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    I'm seeing 60s especially with those zips. Also that Hong Kong crown colony line was most common in the 50s and 60s, though you do certainly see it later, just less often.
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    thank you @denisebrain !
    here is an up close picture of the skirt fabric. It feels a little courser than I would expect silk to, but you are definitely right about it being very luminous!
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