Victorian corset jacket- advice on date Possibly 1860s-70s?

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    Hi, I am seeking any information on this wonderful Victorian (update: it's actually 1900s) black jacket. The bodice is mainly silk with braided embellishments. The sleeves are silk damask with a starred cotton lining. There are a plethora of hooks along the inside of the waist-I imagine that this may have hooked up to a heavy skirt originally. The bodice closes with four heavy corded fish hook & eyes.

    I was stunned to come across this jacket for £8 in an Italian charity shop a few years ago. I have very little experience of such early garments as I have so rarely come across them.

    If the photographs do not show sufficient detail, please let me know and I'll endeavour to re-photograph. It's a rare sunny day here in Belfast which is wonderful, but makes photography of black garments tricky. The house is rather dark so I am caught between two extremes.

    I read the VFG timeline resource for the Victorian Era. The decade that seemed most resonant was 1860s to 70s. (update: narrowed down with help from members to 1900s, possibly regional costume) I would be very grateful for your correction or confirmation!

    Many thanks in advance,

    victorian 2.jpg victorian 3.jpg victorian 4.jpg victorian 5 (2).jpg victorian 6.jpg victorian 7.jpg victorian 1.jpg
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  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    That is lovely. It is the bodice to a dress and as you said had a matching skirt. While dating from just photos is tricky sometimes, I am sure it is not 1860s and would place it later than the 1870s. Perhaps circa 1900, maybe a little earlier. I cannot quite tell what is going on with the upper sleeves.

    Curious what others will say.
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  3. Anna Evans

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  4. Anna Evans

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    Hi Barbara, The spring stud fastener was invented in 1901, so it looks like you are on the right lines!

    'The Prym family have manufactured metal goods in Germany since the sixteenth century and are synonymous with press-fastener production since purchasing the original German patent in 1903.'
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  5. Jonathan

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    It's a bid odd because I think its either folk dress, or heavily influenced by some regional European dress. There is something Germanic looking about it to me = probably worn with a kerchief and bonnet or hat of some kind from some particular region.... Something like this:
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    For a moment when I first looked at the photos, I though the same thing as Jonathan, but then I don't know a lot about antique fashion, so not sure... :wacko: But there's something about it that could be a tradition costume, could be German, could be Swiss (though I can't ultimately think of one, but I won't claim I know them all...).
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  7. Jonathan

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    It's so difficult to tell sometimes because fashion affects regional dress and visa versa, and its hard to tell which side of the fence it is sitting!
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    Thankyou for your reply Jonathan- sorry for the late response; for some reason I am no currently receiving notifications! Italy has borders with Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia & I did see an awful lot of Austrian folk clothing in the markets in Florence. It initially crossed my mind that it could be a garment worn for some kind of traditional dance. On the back of your comment, I just found this site:
    On cursory inspection, there are things that look similar!
    Thankyou again, Anna
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    Thankyou Karin, sorry for late reply- as I said to Jonathan, I didn't realise I had replies till I logged in- I will have to check what's happened with my email notifications. I think you & Jonathan are right. I have found a site to trawl through.
    I will start with Italy and widen my search from there. It's going to be a challenge!
    I am belatedly realising that I should have taken it to the Palazzo Pitti costume department before I moved back from Florence.
    Thanks for your help!

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