Vintage Chanel Skirt - Help with identifying year needed!

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    Hi all,
    I have just found this skirt in my aunt’s old closet... It is a cream skirt (even though the label says “blanc/white”), with two pockets on each side and a zipper slightly to the left side and on the front of the skirt. On the lower back of the skirt there are three buttons right in the middle of hem.

    The zipper has “Riri Swiss” sign to it and it’s pretty used to be honest, the color on it started to scratch off a bit. Buttons have engraved “Chanel Paris” on them.

    I have a hard time identifying what year this skirt might come from. If it’s original at all... Here are the numbers I found on the tag attached (please see the photo). Any help and tips are very welcome. Thank you so much in advance!

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  3. Thecarolina

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    Thank you for your response! Here are the pictures of skirt (the front is with pockets)

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    I believe - and I'm not 100% - that this was late 80s approaching 1990. There was a short skirt and boxy jacket around that time. Everyone was doing it but Chanel seemed to like the pleat or buttons in the center.

    The label is definitely 80s Chanel. You can see one in the label resource here.
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    That label--Chanel with CC in a circle--is a rtw label that came after Lagerfeld arrived in 1983.

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