Vintage Dior sweater. Real label, but fake sweater?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by LaraCroft, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I recently purchased a John Galliano era Dior sweater and am having doubts about its authenticity. I am new to collecting vintage fashion pieces and want to make sure my collection is not comprised of any fakes. From what I can tell, the label looks real. What I am worried about is that the label might be attached to a fake sweater. I sincerely hope I am mistaken and that what I have is a true vintage piece, but I would love any advice/opinions on the matter.

    The aspects that worry me are:
    • The diagonal stitching of the label on the backside of the label
    • The felt-like fabric on the inside of the sweater between the embroidered letters
    I have attached photos and would love some expertise on the matter! Thank you all!


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