Vintage Gifting ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of December 4th

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    This holiday season, consider giving vintage! Fashion items, including everything from accessories like jewelry, handbags, and neckties, to more practical, cold-weather items like scarves, gloves, and cozy sweaters, are “traditional” holiday gifts. The vintage versions are often of better quality and more unique than their modern counterparts. Bonus: giving vintage gifts is greener, too!

    This week, members share their suggestions for inspired gift-giving this holiday season. We think you’ll find fabulous ideas for almost everyone on your list—and maybe even a “gift” for yourself!

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    1930s alpine flowers celluloid brooch

    1960s Austrian Lippizaner horse cout out silver coin pendant and necklace

    1980s Coach black leather handbag

    1960s Skinny silver grey silk tie by Phoenix

    1960s multi-colored skinny square end tie by Phoenix
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    Porcelain White Horses


    1960's White Nightgown and Robe


    1980's Decoupage Kitty
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    Much agreed!!! I'm kinda crazy about It!
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