Vintage Inspirations: Annie Hall -The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of June 22nd

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    Vintage Inspirations: Annie Hall

    It’s been 43 years since Diane Keaton played more or less herself in Annie Hall, winning an Oscar for her performance and launching a sartorial trend that resonates right down to today’s runways, street styles, and fashion shoots.

    Ruth Morley is credited for the costumes in Annie Hall, and she dressed the cast for their quirky-preppy-intellectual Manhattanite roles in Ralph Lauren. But the naive Annie, recently arrived from Chippewa Falls, was costumed by Diane herself. Morley has acknowledged that she initially objected to the clothes Keaton wore, but Woody Allen said, “She’s a genius…Let her wear what she wants.”

    Keaton herself deflects her iconic status, calling her look a combined effort. She credits Lauren’s sensibilities (he contributed the patterned tie, black vest, tuxedo, and other pieces in her wardrobe for the movie), Morley, who purchased with and for her including trips to thrift shops and men’s stores, and Allen, for giving her carte blanche.

    You must know Annie Hall’s style, but if you don’t, google “Annie Hall style”—there are 58,500,000 hits.

    Dissecting the Annie Hall look, one has to start with the outfit—you know the one—consisting of baggy taupe trousers, a white button down shirt, a man’s tie, black waistcoat and oversized hat, with a large natural woven bag casually slung over one shoulder. Other components to consider: Big rounded glasses, men’s hats (boleros, bowlers), man-tailored suits, plaid shirts, long scarves (including men’s fringed rayon scarves and cravats), tuxedos, calf-grazing skirts and dresses, natural cottons and wool tweeds, khakis, jeans, army surplus pants, brogues, cowboy boots and layers, layers, layers.

    Now 74, Diane Keaton is still a style influencer. Her Instagram account, in which she often displays what she’s wearing, has 1.6 million followers. In suits and big hats, her Annie look is still with her, and there are still many tributes to Annie Hall on runways. For spring this year, there are suits and vests, baggy trousers, cotton midi dresses, cowboy boots, neckties, big bags and hats… Seems like old times.
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    From my sold archives
    Edwardian Stetson Derby

    1970s Ladies Fedora

    1950s Lee Fedora

    1930s-40s Dobbs Fedora

    1960s Ladies Derby-Inspired Hat
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  5. From My Sold Archives

    1980s Laura Ashley Brown Wool Felt Breton Style Hat

    Vintage 1960s Betmar Gray Wool Velour Derby Style Hat

    And, from our Current Inventory
    Vintage 1970s Bold Print Silk Scarf by Brauchbar for Liberty Made in Switzerland

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    1940s tie

    Simplicity 7799_1.jpg
    1970s blazer jacket, wide leg pants and skirt pattern Simplicity 7799

    1970s waistcoat and flares pattern Burda 66024

    1970s blouse, midi skirt and waistcoat pattern Burda 23388

    From my sold archives:
    1970s tunic dress pattern Tina 2810
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    I wore my father's pants, suits, shirts and ties at times in high school, and when Annie Hall came out, I felt vindicated!

    From my sold archive: men's 1980s necktie, 1960s white cotton shirt, and vintage bowler hat
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    What a terrific parade this makes! I didn't even realize menswear for women was "back"!
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    Laurie!! So happy to see you here!! :cheer:
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    Wonderful to see your beautiful smile again! Hope you are staying "in the pink"
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    I love that key print ascot Tish!
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    Photos are clickable links.
    On Etsy,
    A 40s houndstooth fronted pullover sweater vest.

    Newly listed, 1940s pleated front pants combining black and blue in a novelty pinstripe weave

    More houndstooth, in a 50s jacket with gentleman's estate details

    A foulard print necktie by Hardy Amies

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