Vintage Inspirations: Pistachio—VFG Fashion Parade for the week of September 16th

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    Vintage Inspirations: Pistachio

    Pistachio green is having a fashion moment—again.
    Designers are gravitating toward this refreshing and cool shade, taking it from SS19 right into fall and winter this year.
    A light, slightly desaturated green hue, Pistachio is being heralded as modern—as it has always been.
    Here at the VFG this week we are parading our vintage pistachio green fashions: Young, fresh, modern, and delicious as ever!
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    From my SOLD archive...
    Depression-era hand-crocheted cloche hat, reticule purse, scarf and muff

    pistachio set.jpg
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    From My Sold Archives:

    1960s Hand Beaded Silk Dress

    archieves green dress.jpg
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