Vintage Inspirations: Statement Coats ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of November 26th

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  1. carla rey

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    Runway images:
    Top left: Balenciaga Right: Givenchy
    Center: Oscar de la Renta
    Bottom Left: Valentino Right: Micheal Kors

    Think of winter 2018 as the season for glam-royal-funky-playful-opulent outerwear. The Fashiontag blog pronounced “it’s as if this season waited patiently for all coat trends and looks to parade themselves throughout time and then brilliantly selected only the best.”

    Yes, designers delivered stunning coats this year, but look at the vintage inspirations for these coats, and make a statement with vintage!
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  3. thespectrum

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    All from my sold archives:
    One of my favorite coat patterns ever - 1976 Sherlock style cape coat

    1960s Needlepoint Coat

    1970s Youthcraft Wrap Coat

    1950s Lilli Ann Coat

    Pendleton Blanket Coat
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  5. The Vintage Merchant

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    At The Vintage Merchant we just reduced this luxurious NOS Lilli Ann mohair blend swing coat with ranch mink fur collar. It's a nice, little-bit-larger size (although labeled size 8, it has a bust of 45"), too.

    NOW SOLD, thank you! :wub:

    IMG_7651.JPG IMG_7730.JPG

    *please note: our next shipping date will be January 2nd, 2019.
  6. The Vintage Merchant

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    This classic princess coat is now being enjoyed by her new owner in Germany:


    and this double-breasted beauty with figure flattering side straps at the waistline has now sold, as well:

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  9. pinky-a-gogo

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    Vintage silk reversible tour jacket~
    Vintage 40s wool coat~

    Vintage blue silk opera coat~

    Vintage Lilli Ann mohair and rhinestone swing coat~

    Vintage 50s Buco leather jacket~

  10. The Vintage Merchant

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    omgosh, Tiffany...I want them ALL! :wub:
  11. carla rey

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  12. My passion is vintage coats.

    From my archives.
    Turn of the century wool and persian lamb trim coat. Sorry for the poor photo.
    turn of the century coat,anothertimevintageapparel.jpg

    1920s blue wool velvet trimmed antique wrap coat
    vintage 1920 blue coat,flapper coat,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG

    1940s black wool and leopard trimmed coat with coordinating hat
    leopard trim coat hat,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG

    1950s Nelco brand grey leather mens jacket

    And from my collection, because, I couldn't bear to sell it.
    Early 1920s possibly, 1918, aqua wool and burgundy trimmed antique coat.
    early 1920s coat,antique,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG
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  14. Furwise

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    Two of my favorite coats from my archives that are now being loved by their new wearers -

    Gorgeous 60s Lilli Ann with Fox Fur Trimmed Belted Coat
    lilliannfoxPicMonkey Collage.jpg

    A favorite from my personal collection that was passed on to a friend of mine, then passed on to another friend, then me, then to another friend, and has stayed in our vintage circle of friends.

    40s/50s Lilli Ann Princess Coat
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