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Vintage Inspirations: Strong Shoulder-the VFG parade for the week of January 9th

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG Fashion Parades' started by carla rey, Jan 8, 2023.

  1. carla rey

    carla rey VFG Member

    Vintage Inspirations: Strong Shoulder

    Power up this season with the shoulder! that statement-making silhouette is back and bigger than ever. Think: elegant tailoring of the 1940s and the over the top 1980s ‘Dynasty-era’ proportions. Cold shoulder? Opt for sophisticated with a blend of fem and masc influences.

    This week we’re rubbing shoulders with double breasted coats, hourglass shaped blazers and jackets, blouses, tops and dresses that accentuate the bolder shoulder. You’ll be head and shoulders above the rest in vintage!
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  2. Straylight Vintage

    Straylight Vintage VFG Member

  3. Linn

    Linn Super Moderator Staff Member VFG Past President

    Mexican Sterling Suit Brooch from my sold archives:

  4. thespectrum

    thespectrum VFG Member Staff Member

  5. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

  6. MagsRags

    MagsRags VFG President Staff Member

    Photos are clickable links. At MagsRags.net,

    This gorgeous 1940s jacket from Lois Russell

    Also 40s, a gab fit & flare jacket with unique collar from Nettie Rosenstein

    This silk dress is by Sue Wong, in a dramatic print to set off those dramatic shoulders

    Nolan Miller knew all about strong shoulders from his years as the designer behind the night time soap Dynasty. This 3 piece skirt suit bears witness.

    And in my Etsy shop, a dramatic 80s day dress with jellyfish skirt panels by Spencer Alexis.
  7. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Member Staff Member VFG Past President

  8. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Vice President Staff Member VFG Past President

  9. All photos are clickable.
    A 1980s rust top with patches and beading on the shoulders. At one time it had huge shoulder pads.
    beading on 80s knit top shoulders rust 1.png

    1940s original pattern for a skirt suit, blouse, skirt and shorts
    1940s suit blouse skirt shorts hollywood pattern.jpg

    1940s Vogue tailored dress pattern
    1940s pattern tailered day dress button front vintage vogue 1.jpg

    1980s unused power suit pattern
    1980s elegant vintage suit pattern.skirt suit,b36,mccalls,.jpg

    And an iconic 1980s over sized jacket with huge shoulder pads
    1980s jacket huge shoulderr pads pattern butterick.jpeg
  10. dollsntrolls

    dollsntrolls VFG Member

    I just LOVE a strong shoulder! (All currently in my Etsy shop.)

    40s Black Rayon Crepe Gown with Beading and Fully Draped Skirt
    40s Eggplant Volup Shirtwaist with Matching Belt

    40s Grey and White Pinstriped Double Breasted Blazer with Peplum
    And, of course, 80s Does 40s:

    80s Total Boss Business Red Dress with Double Breasted Buttons and Peplum
    80s Lilli Ann Blouse with Cross-Over Double Breasted Style and Important Shoulders
  11. Ranch Queen Vintage

    Ranch Queen Vintage Administrator

  12. BlackLotusVintage

    BlackLotusVintage VFG Board Member Staff Member

  13. MissBilliesVintage

    MissBilliesVintage VFG Member

    80s Silk Double breasted jacket

    80s Pink Check Power Suit

    80s Zandra Rhodes Wool Knit Dress
  14. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    1940s jacket pattern simplicity 1219

    Simplicity 2182_1.jpg
    1940s suit pattern Simplicity 2108

    Burda 6466_1.jpg
    1980s coat or blazer jacket pattern Burda 6466

    Ullstein 9591_1.jpg
    1980 coat or jacket pattern Ullstein 9591

    Burda 6269_1.jpg
    1980s bolero jacket and dirndle skirt pattern Burda 6269

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