Vintage Inspirations: The Ripple Effect VFG Fashion Parade for the week of June 17th

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    ruching (1).jpg

    This week, the VFG Fashion Parade looks at ruching, a Spring/Summer 2019 runway detail with deep vintage roots.

    The definition of ruching has evolved: Historically, it was a trim made by pleating bands of fabric and stitching the pleats in place. This band would then be used as a trim on a garment. We now use the term to refer to clothing with areas of fullness pulled in to form a rippled effect. This somewhat blurs ruching’s distinction from shirring and gathering.

    Whatever the definition, current designers have been rippling fabric for soft but curve-hugging clothes and draped accessories, especially reminiscent of looks from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 80s.

    Please join us for ruche hour as we gather to share a shirred thing in fashion!
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    On Etsy,
    an 80s strapless minidress with shirred dropwaist bodice and bubble skirt

    This 70s maxidress uses ruching to flatter the bust and soften the tummy area around the bejeweled diamond shape positioned at the solar plexus

    This 70s dress by Carlye uses pleating at the shoulders to suggest a strong shoulder ala 1940s, while creating a dramatic cape effect in back

    late 70s/early 80s Holly Harp, in neon pink silk jersey, with ruched shoulders, sleeves, and drapey bubble skirt

    Ruching and shirring used as trim detail, on this late 30s/early 40s taffeta party dress
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  6. All pieces from my archives.

    1930s velvet turban
    velvet 30s turban hat.jpg

    1960s Dior chiffon hat
    dior hat 1960s, chiffon shiring.jpg

    Black lace Victorian bodice
    black victorian bodice lace.jpg

    1940s brocade purse with pearls
    1940s purse,pearl frim,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG

    1980s Oscar De La Renta dress
    vintage 80s oscar de la renta dress,anothetimevintageapparel.JPG
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    From my sold archives

    1950s Ceil Chapman cocktail dress

    1950s Harry S. Epstein dress
    heb.jpg hebg.jpg

    1980s Anthony Muto coffin pleated dress

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