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vintage lingerie - seam finishing question

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by cedar, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. cedar

    cedar Registered Guest

    Hi! I found a small pile of vintage lingerie/slips at an estate sale that included pieces that are clearly from the 1920s to clearly from the later 1940s, with a few 1960s pieces as well. Also included was this piece. I was wondering if anyone with expertise in finishing techniques could shed any light on the construction. It is silk, with lace at the neckline and tie-back waist. Most of the seams are folded over and stitched (is there a name for that?) like I am used to seeing on 1920s pieces. But the two seams running down the front are serged. It's almost like they didn't serge all the seams that would closely touch the body, but the two front ones (only on the skirt portion) are serged. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Do you think the serged portions are original? It looks 1930s-ish to me, does that seem right? - ps don't worry I only hung it on the wire hanger for a quick photo :)

    Any thoughts much appreciated!
    PXL_20201217_140513209 (2).png
    PXL_20201217_140718109 (1).png

    PXL_20201217_140637401.png PXL_20201217_140643114.png
    PXL_20201217_140608819 (1).png
  2. Barbara Robson

    Barbara Robson Registered Guest

    IMHO, I wouldn't put overlocked (serged) seams much earlier than the 1930's, if that. Maybe it has been altered at some later point, hence the serged seams, as the other seams seem to be French seams with irregular stitching. Seems odd to mix the two in the same garment. Whatever the answer, it is lovely!
  3. carla rey

    carla rey Trade Member

    I think that's right on for 1930s, it's not uncommon to see overlocked stitching in lingerie of the time.
  4. cedar

    cedar Registered Guest

    thanks for your thoughts, Barbara! Exactly, it was a mix of the two techniques that had me wondering if anyone had seen similar, and also having not seen a lot of serged/overlocked stitches in a garment that - based on the rest of it - seemed of this date. I agree - it's lovely either way!
  5. cedar

    cedar Registered Guest

    Ah, thanks! That is good to know. I haven't seen it a lot before, but I haven't had that much lingerie from this era either!
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