1. claireshaeffer

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    I know vintage soap is a stretch but this is a reminder that not everything you're told or read on the internet is true.
    When we bought our house over 40 years ago, we were told that the seller's father had invented castile soap. Recently I checked castile soap on Wikipedia which is sometimes right.

    Castile soap is an olive-oil based soap which was developed several hundred years ago in Aleppo. When taken to Spain, the original oil was not available so they began making it with olive oil and called it castile.

    It's possible that the seller's father promoted the name castile in the early 20th century, but he didn't invent it. If you notice early ads, please post them. There are several olive oil based soaps on today's market; sadly, they don't lather well.

    Why is this important--frequently vintage items have wonderful "histories"; some are true, others are not.

    Back to the house--it's a wonderful, comfortable house that was perfect for a family, but it had been neglected for 10 or more years and had many problems. I generally call it a FORD--fix or repair daily.
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  2. Leonardo da Vintage

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    I love castile soap. It doesn't produce lots of lather, true, but it still cleans well! I see it mentioned in old beauty books too.

    Dr Bronners is a castile soap, and comes in both liquid and bar form.

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