Voile dress...20's?

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  1. cgpope

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    This dress has only one tag that proclaims that it's made of "Mallinson's satin stripe". No other tags, buttons, or zipper. It just slips on over the head. It had a dropped waist. Do you think its's from the twenties? Anyone heard of Mallinson's fabric? Thank you!!
  2. Jonathan

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    Definitely late 20s, but not ever heard of that material
  3. Circa Vintage

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    Great frock!
  4. cgpope

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    I've had this listed several times (deleted by Admin) with zero interest. Can anyone take a look and let me know what (if anything) I've got wrong??? Thanks so much!!!

    Please see listing rules. Thank you.
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  5. Jonathan

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    Perhaps your starting price is too high? I have never found black ground floral print 20s dresses to be big sellers...
  6. yumyumvintage

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    I would take another picture of the dress your form is leaning forward so you cant see the shape as it should be.
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  8. cgpope

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    Thank you (and sorry for breaking the rules)!! I have made changes based on your recommendations!!
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