Wanted: Men's Smoking Jacket, Size LG

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  1. jazzbug

    jazzbug Alumni

    Hi ladies,

    Looking for a smoking jacket for my husband to wear for Halloween night, as he will be posing as Gomez to my Morticia. I'd prefer a lighter color body with dark (velvet?) lapels, but honestly, I'm not going to be too picky because of my budgetary restrictions. Not willing to pay more than about $20 + shipping because it will be a one-nighter, and he will not wear the smoking jacket around the house . . darn it, and he smokes, too, so he should!

    Anyway, if you have anything in a 42-44 Regular or Tall size, a short jacket, not a long bathrobe style, and you'd like to get it out of your inventory for a low price, please let me know. I will accept minor stains, repairable tears, etc, but no stinkies, especially mothball odors which I am highly allergic to.

    Please feel free to message me for questions.
    Thanks a mil!
  2. Jonathan

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    You might want to think about making one from a more modern dressing gown and chopping it, or a suit jacket and adding black velvet lapels and a sash belt. Smoking jackets are hot on the market right now. I sold two today at the Toronto Vintage clothing sale and one had a rip under the arm and it still sold for $30. I have one more, which is the best one, and I am bringing it to the sale tomorrow and hope to get $60.
  3. jazzbug

    jazzbug Alumni

    Interesting suggestion from the gentleman. I don't believe I will have the time available for that, though.

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