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Wanted vintage plaid wool/flanet jacket with 4 pockets no red color

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Most Wanted - Looking for something?' started by vintazh, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. vintazh

    vintazh Registered Guest

    Hello there everybody,

    The long story is below - here is my question in short for those who do not want to read the whole post.

    I am looking for exactly the same jacket as in this picture but of some different color (red is a no go, preferred is green/blue, if not than any color but red would do) and available in XL and XXL

    The long story.

    Thanks in advance for reading this:)

    I am looking for a specific vintage plaid jacket/coat, one that a farmer would wear in old hollywood films. I am looking for a specific size (XL and XXL) and for a specific color (it should be any color but red, preferred green/blue)

    this is a gift, that is why the specs are so exact, because this really matters for the person the jacket is intended to.

    The thing is that I found exactly the coat which I need here it is (shot at one of the vintage shops in Vegas)


    Two problems
    a) it is red (and they dont have anything else)
    b) only L size available (thats why it looks so funny on the person in the pic should be XXL)

    I was at some other vintage shop in L.A. and they also had this coat but also no colors but red and M-Sized only.

    so the question: I need a plaid jacket that looks exactly as the one in the picture (e.g. 4 pockets) but not red and available in XL and XXL.

    I have searched more or less the whole internet and I have not found exactly what I wanted.
    As it is a special gift for my uncle it should either exactly match the specs, or it does not work, thats why I am posting here.
    there are blue plaid jackets but slightly different and with 2 pockets (upper) and not 4 as it should be. Having searched for 7 days now I feel desperate and ask for help.

    Would be super-nice if the jacket were of the same color as the blue one in this pic

    this blue one is good but it is not exactly a jacket and has only 2 pockets and slightly other look.

    Could you vintage gurus please help me with that?

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