We Covet Velvet ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of November 24th

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    We Covet Velvet

    Soft and luxurious, velvet is coveted by both women and men. For centuries it has been associated with royalty and nobility.

    From our Fabric Resource:
    Sumptuous fabric with a soft pile, velvet is constructed with a plain or twill weave back with one set of warp and one set of weft yarns. An extra set of warp yarns forms the pile. Velvet is now usually constructed by weaving two cloths together with pile ends connecting to both surfaces. The two are cut apart to give two pieces of velvet (double-cloth method). It may also be made by wires which lift and cut the pile.

    Velvet may be treated and varied in a number of way—including embossing, crushing, burning out—and can be made to be water- and crush-resistant. It is made of silk or manufactured filament fibers. If made of cotton it is called cotton velvet.

    The name velvet stems from the Latin vellus, or hair.

    This week our members will present their very best velvet for your indulgence!

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    I've just done at least a month's worth of gasps in less than minute.
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