What decade did Juschi / Celine work together? Skirt ID

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  1. Helen Siwak

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    Hello Everyone,

    Picked up this gorgeous green and cream pleated skirt today with heavy hardware on it. Label: JUSCHI. Research has brought up some vintage scarfs and a few items on vintage websites that put the two companies - JUSCHI in Germany and CELINE - creating pieces either together or for each other. I left behind a wool vest that was tagged JUSCHI also but will go pick it up if I can get more details on the relationship between these companies. There seems to be items available on German and Italian eBay but neither give any background on the items.

    Thanks for any information regarding dating this item also.

    Helen DSCN0849.JPG DSCN0848.JPG DSCN0850.JPG
  2. Midge

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    Ebay Germany currently has a skirt with a similar belt treatment, but in leather. I had a bit of difficulty finding anything, as Juschi is a nickname in Germany as well, and a lot of people seem to call themselves that, including a painter, so I got these results on Google here. However, L'Officiel de la mode from 1977 had several pages of Juschi ads, and one seems to this or a very similar skirt: http://patrimoine.editionsjalou.com/lofficiel-de-la-mode-numero_635-page_96-detailp-13-629-98.html it's on page 96/97, and the pages before that have some more Juschi ads and pics of their boutiques. I see no connections to CĂ©line so far...

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