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    I just bought this full length black fur coat and it has a green label on it as well an editions label. Im trting to find out a little bit about the company and how old this coat maybe. Thank you all for your time and input.

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  2. pastperfect2

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    We need more information. Pictures of the coat and the label would be a good start!
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  3. poppysvintageclothing

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    Yes, more info required.

    What I can say is is most likely not a real fur but a faux fur, as what you are showing is a Canadian Union Label and the other part states to clean using fur method only. I can't remember ever having a real fur coat that had that kind of union label affixed to it.
  4. Jonathan

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    The Canadian Registration number CA000323 is for S. STALL & SON LIMITED, Winnipeg. Sam Stall came from Poland at the turn of the century and founded his coat company in the 1920s by making one coat at a time - literally. By the late 1920s he opened a small business in downtown Winnipeg and began to expand until he became one of Winnipeg's four largest garment manufacturers. Stall specialized in fur coats. The company doesn't seem to be in business anymore, or if they are, they aren't advertising. Canadian registration numbers started being done in about 1970, so your coat can't date before then, and Stall's registration number was digitized in 1997, so presumably, they were still in business until at least then...
  5. Furwise

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    Beautiful coat. It is indeed faux or synthetic fibers simulated to look like real fur.

    The images are a bit dark however based on what I can see it looks like the coat dates to the 80s/90s.

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