What kind of fur are these?

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    I have a coat and vest that I don't want. They were given to me. Can you help me figure out what type of fur these are - and what type of resale value they might have? Thanks so much...clueless.

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  2. The white one with the Bunny label looks like Rabbit. The black coat from Bullock's may be Broadtail Lamb. It may be helpful for you to look at the VFG's Fur Resource to help identify furs, too. We have members who are very knowledgable about furs who have contributed to that resource and will be here on the forums to help, I'm sure. I have to rely on their help when it comes to furs so often and they are always willing to help.
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    Agree with Bonnie. Rabbit for the best and broadtail lamb with mink collar for the jacket. A shot of the back of the broadtail lamb may also help more. I'm sure our fur expert will be along to take a peek.
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    i agree emoti

    i agree emoti

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