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    Dear all,

    As you know we launched the VFG to the media in the USA, UK and Canada. Over the next few months (monthly mags have long lead times and may well feature something about us in 3-4 month's time) we will try and bring you the press cuttings :)

    We can't afford to employ a cuttings service, so if you can all be the eyes of the VFG that would be great. Post any links or if possible scan any newspaper and magazine cutting where you see us mentioned and post them here for everyone to enjoy.

    Thanks and here are our first !

    VFG President

    VFG Launches

    VFG 'sited' as useful source
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    this is wonderful Anne!

  3. Leisa

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    Terrific News! Ya gotta Love it!

    Cheers to all who made this happen!
  4. Yippee!!!!

  5. elsewhere

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    Great job! I can't wait for more people to see the wonderful work done here :)

    To all of you who worked so hard for this to happen-- please give yourself a pat on the back for me ;-)

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    Found a new one from http://www.dailygamecock.com/news/2004/03/29/TheMix/What-Goes.Around.Come.Around-643768.shtml

    What goes around come around
    Vintage fashion is all the rage, whether it's the genuine thing or a modern-day reproduction
    By Brittany Bullington
    Published: Monday, March 29, 2004
    Article Tools: Page 1 of 1

    Media Credit: Meg Moore
    Thrift store clothes, hand-me-downs and modernized look-alikes are growing more popular with today´s vintage trend.

    Many of today's fashions are nothing new. Stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister contain racks of older styles that are making a comeback. Referred to as retro or vintage-inspired clothing, such reworked apparel is attaining fad status for certain trends yet again, and everything from minidresses to jelly shoes are hot once more.

    However, there is a difference between real vintage clothing and the new-vintage styles sold in chain stores. So which type of "vintage" clothing is more popular?

    Genuine vintage clothing can be difficult to track down, which deters many, such as second-year Spanish student Susan Strauss, from buying the real thing. She said she would wear real vintage clothing if "there was a store that had quality stuff."

    However, those who truly crave vintage style will go anywhere to find it. According to second-year experimental psychology student Megan Albonetti, "You can usually find hot items from the thrift store. A lot of my friends shop at the thrift store for their causal clothes."

    Modernized vintage clothing is popping up in many stores, which upsets many retro-dressers. First-year print journalism student Kalyn Palmer said people who wear this new vintage are "posers."

    "I think it kind of defeats the purpose," Palmer said. "They're supposed to be unique-looking, but if everyone else can buy the same one, what's the point?"

    According to "In a Timely Fashion- Vintage Fashion Guild Launches," an article about the popularity of real vintage clothing, "Vintage clothing is available to all of us and each outfit is unique so you can always dress as an individual. And if modern fashion doesn't suit your body shape, then the joy of vintage is that there'll be a decade to choose from that does, so you no longer have to be a slave to fashion and you can write your own statements."

    If real vintage makes a person stand out, then what is the appeal of modernized vintage clothing? "I think the main issue with vintage clothing is that someone else wore it first and you really don't have a clue where it came from. I know a lot of people who have a problem with that," Palmer said. Strauss believes "there really isn't a difference" between the two types of vintage clothing.

    Finding a quality vintage piece does take effort - and luck. Palmer explained, "Sometimes it's difficult to find that one good vintage piece. I think a good vintage piece is one you can update with your own little touches. The really cool, crazy pieces are good, too, because if you pair them with a simple pair of jeans, you have the potential to look like a movie star who has her own stylist." Albonetti said she likes the hand-me-down slogan t-shirts that you can get for a low price.

    Vintage-style clothing is clearly making a comeback in mainstream stores; however, real vintage apparel has been popular for years. Which is better? In the words of Strauss, "it's a choice of style."
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    Super article! Thanks for posting that Deb.

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    lucire community links; reviews

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    It's all so exciting!!! :)

    I've sent the website onto my sister and she sent it on to some of her collegues - she works for a wholesale handbag company that sells to all major store chains - so many of her contacts are buyers for these places. So many of them wear vintage and buy vintage to inspire new looks for the stores. She said she got ALOT of positive feedback from them and they said they LOVED the site. :)
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    That's awesome Justine! Good marketing.
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    They have us listed at Dressforsuccess.nl

    Vintage Fashion Guild - A great resource for vintage fashion collectors, sellers and enthusiasts. Their site boasts a comprehensive Designer Labels resource with pictures of the labels, discussion forums, and much more.
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    Onward & Upward!
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    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right thread, but just to let you know The Vintage Fashion Guild has now been launched to half of Dublin as it is mentioned in my article on buying and selling vintage clothing online in the most recent issue of Trinity News. Just to let you know.

  16. bartondoll

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    Yaaayyy Emma! Can you post a link to the article?

  17. Emma, is it available online? Or if not where can we write to get print copies???

  18. Aphrodite_Nymphia

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    I am not sure if it is available online - yet!? - you can look up the Trinity News at www.trinity-news.com, but the site is in its infancy (just launched this year) so they haven't got all the articles up yet. The editor's e-mail is up there so you could contact him via e-mail and see if he will put it up or alternatively you can contact the paper at:
    Trinity News
    DU Publications
    2nd Floor
    House 6
    Trinity College
    Dublin 2

    In the meantime I will have a chat with the fashion editor and see if she can get the fashion section put online.

    I am glad you are all so interested!

  19. Emma, you are the greatest!! I would love to see that article. Keep us posted!!!
  20. dibs2002

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    Yay Emma! Yes, we are all interested :) And we go crazy when one of our members is interviewed on TV or in a Magazine or newspaper!


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