whats the best way to source vintage

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    i'm a newbie to VFG. I'm a seller of vintage clothes. I sell my things from my shop on eBay and so far i have always sourced my stock from a wholesaler, were i have hand picked the items.
    But i was wondering if i should also be going round second hand carboots, flea markets etc to source the higher quality vintage.

    Is this the best way to source vintage pieces.

    Please send my your experties on the best ways of sourcing vintage.

    I'd like to find some 60's lacey dresses.

    Please send in your comments all welcome.

    thanks Lauren. xxx
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    .... one of our membrs has a garden gnome who brings great things to her.

    we can't all be that lucky

    I believe the best way to find great stuff is to KNOW your stuff. Educate yourself on what you are looking for, browse great Vintage shops in your area, learn the details, cut, fabrics, labels and then just keep your eyes open.

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    Simply keep your eyes peeled at all times and do try frequenting some of the places you have not tried out. You may be surprised.
    Although, many of us have found that in the last few years a lot of our regular pit stops are really drying up or closing altogether.

    I have heard that in the UK the carboot sales can be worthwhile, it's certainly worth trying!

    Yes, one of our members actually has a lucky troll, who seems to work magic for her! Maybe you should get one of these too!

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