When I Paint My Masterpiece -The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 18th

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    When I Paint My Masterpiece

    From Surrealism to Pop, Schiaparelli to Warhol, the art world has made its mark on fashion. Designers inspired by their friendships with artists have spawned professional collaborations that created masterpieces and strokes of genius in all genres.

    This week, an exhibit of the VFG's most frame-able fashions - from painterly prints to artist smocks - has been curated for your viewing pleasure.
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    That 30s gown Carla! lovecript
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    Peter Max raglan cut sweatshirt from the 70s. NFS, in our private collection.



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  16. klimtscarf.png
    Vintage 1980s Bottega Veneta Silk Scarf Klimt Inspired Art Print

    Vintage 1980s Erte Opera Silk Scarf Made in Italy Signed

    Red Roses Watercolor Print Silk Scarf 1990s

    Vintage Liberty of London Scenic Silk Scarf 1960s

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    You consistently have the most beautiful scarves! Thank you for sharing.
  19. Thank you for your kind remarks, Marian! I have always loved beautiful silk scarves and they are truly small masterpieces!

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