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Why the 50s look is so hot right now.

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by fuzzylizzie, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Because it's pretty. I've been looking for 2 years for a great 50s full skirted dress for my own collection. Yesterday, I found what I'd been looking for. It actually 2 pieces, but looks like a dress. Enjoy!

    <img src=http://members.sparedollar.com/fuzzylizzie/50s.jpg>


    <img src=http://members.sparedollar.com/fuzzylizzie/50s2.jpg>

    The cumberbund is actually ribbon.

    <img src=http://members.sparedollar.com/fuzzylizzie/50s4.jpg>

    Flowers and rhinestones attached to skirt at pockets.

    <img src=http://members.sparedollar.com/fuzzylizzie/50sback.jpg>

    Back view.

    And best of all, I also found these:

    <img src=http://members.sparedollar.com/fuzzylizzie/50s3.jpg>

  2. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Lizzie this is gorgeous!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    Cool on the shoes too! :)

  3. That's very pretty, Lizzie! So the cumberbund is actually the end of the top, and then it overlaps the skirt?
  4. Ahhh, the 3-D flowers are swwwwell!
  5. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    that is gorgeous! Isn't there one of us that is selling something very similar to this with the roses and green cumberbund and bow?? I think they listed it in the mall.
  6. artizania

    artizania Alumni +

    It puts me in mind of those 50s Horrockses dresses, Lizzie! It is lovely, and quite a match with those shoes too!
  7. pinkyagogo

    pinkyagogo Guest

    That is a beauty. Love the purple shoes with it~
  8. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

  9. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Yes, the ribbon comberbend is actually attached to the top, and it overlaps the waist of the skirt.

    Margaret, you are right, this is very much like a Horrockses. There's nothing like a pretty 50s print.

  10. Love the 3-dimensional flowers. And how great are the pockets? I love a pretty dress with pockets. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lizzie, you are such a style maven! That is just to die for doll!! The waist treatment is divine!! What a fantastic addition to your collection. Congratulations!!

  12. Pauline's question stuck with me and I spent some time at VC-Mall, last night. Gail has a dress with a similar print and waist treatment at GailDavid's This 'N That Shop there.
  13. Beehive Vintage Goods

    Beehive Vintage Goods Trade Member

    I adore this dress!!! I thought the flower print was just very realistic. Didn't realize until today that it is 3-D...how clever!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Another Time Antiques

    Another Time Antiques Trade Member

    just makes me want to go to a dance!!!!! :) What a sweet thing that dress is!!!!
  15. Don't feel bad Bonnie, I JUST saw that too!

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