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Would like advice on pricing - 4 outfits of different vintage

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by GloriaR, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. GloriaR

    GloriaR Registered Guest

    Hi again:

    I have a dress a suit and a coat that I'd like to sell. Can anyone give me pricing suggestions?

    All are small sizes. I wear, in current sizing a 4 or 6 depending on how large they are made.

    First of all, I have a 60s brocade coat with fur collar in excellent condition. It contains its original Milgrims label. Here's a picture. I would call this a 4 or a snug 6.


    Next, I have a white cotton wedding dress with lace sleeves and lace up the front and at the bottom. It is a Gunne Sax by Jessica San Francisco label of the 1970s This one is labeled a 7. However, I needed help getting the zipper up the back. I would say it was more a 4. Might even fit a 2 these days. Here it is.


    Last of all. Some of you might not call this Vintage because it's from the 90s, but I have a beautiful green Tahari Classics suit, with the long jacket going down past the hips, down to the thighs. This one is labeled 2 and it probably is, although I suspect a 4 can fit it as it's roomier in the jacket than in the skirt. On me, the hips worked, but I couldn't't button the waist.


    Any ideas how to price them?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

  2. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    I'm no help on pricing, but try to unlace the GUNNE to show mondo cleavage, and it might zip.
  3. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member VFG Past President

    It is very hard difficult to put a price on most things. It all depends on rarity, condition, presentation, and often what is "hot" at the moment.

    I would search ebay completed listings to get an idea of price range.
  4. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Gloria!

    those first two are TERRIFIC vintage, and will probably do quite well, depending on your venue, sounds like you're going to try to Ebay them?? or do you have an online site?

    Brenda's suggestion is a GREAT one as a way to get a ballpark idea, and then you need to kind of decide what you're comfortable with in order to part with them. would you be happy with $50? (or $20?) or do you really want to get $100 (or more?)?? if you're doing ebay, sometimes you can list an item high (or low, with a reserve) to see what sort of interest (watchers, bidders) it generates, and perhaps get your golden apple,

    or you may find that you need to re-think your pricing if bids are low/non-existant

    there are a quite a few girls here that have done really well w/gunne sax this past year, they might pop in with info for you here...yours looks great with the bell sleeves and lace up front...i wouldn't take any less than $100 for that one...

    The Tahari is out of my radar, (we used to do REALLY well with those in Honolulu in the mid/late 90's /that was at a high end consignment boutique that only handled items within 5 years of their making ) but I don't have a clue what the market is like for them anymore.

    good luck to you!!
  5. eel

    eel Registered Guest

    the market really dropped on gunne sax several months ago, so I really don't think you'll get 100 for it, to be honest. While it is pretty, it would be an off season item, the gunne sax that fetch the high prices right now will be the dark velvets, fall and winter colors.
    I say list the coat as fast as you can before the market is saturated with them.
    good luck!
  6. GloriaR

    GloriaR Registered Guest

    Thank you, all. I listed everything and am waiting to see what happens. So far, I've got watchers. I've put a reserve price only on the 20s dress. If they continue to be watched with no bids, I'll pull them and try another season.

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