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would love any info, help w/ this amazing dress. pics

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by glitz*n*glam, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. glitz*n*glam

    glitz*n*glam Registered Guest

    Hi there! I just registered tonight, so I'm very new here. I bought this dress here in Palm Springs recently and its one of my favorite finds ever. I would love to know anything about the designer or possible dating of the dress. I have tried google and ebays vintage boards with no luck. The label is ROGIER. Its a 3 piece, silk skirt, bra top and over dress. Extremely well made. I dont plan on selling it anytime soon, I just am dying for any information, comments, suggestions as I just love it so much. I am really hoping someone here can help me. I first thought it was 70's, but now Im thinking older. The pictures do not do it justice. Construction is amazing. Thanks so much!






    <img src="http://www.kerrybonner.com/IMG_3480x.jpg>
  2. glitz*n*glam

    glitz*n*glam Registered Guest

    Maryalice...your comments are my thoughts too! I had a gut feeling 30's first off from the construction and label but then I can also see Elvira from Scarface wearing this so I thought maybe 70's. Im stumped. :puzzled:
  3. LorrelMae

    LorrelMae Registered Guest


    That's fantastic!!!!


  4. Judging by the shoulder pads, I'd say 80s. Probaby mid to late, but without seeing it more it's hard to tell. Are there any other labels? Size, fabric, care, that sort of thing? It's a stunning piece, but I doubt it's older (sorry).
  5. Oh, and welcome!
  6. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Board Member Staff Member VFG Past President

    Fabulous outfit! I would agree with early 80s. Fabric is just so sumptuous and those sleeves...WOW!
  7. Wow!

    That's gorgeous~ If the sleeves warrant it, maybe use "angel sleeves" in your title.

    Welcome aboard :hiya:
  8. AnyDayNow

    AnyDayNow Registered Guest

    It looks like some kind of lounging outfit to me because of the cut and the material and also looks 80's to me.
  9. glitz*n*glam

    glitz*n*glam Registered Guest

    Thanks for all the comments! I can see early 80's. The silk is that muted asian floral pattern that was big in the later part of the 70's. The shoulder pads are very thin, and the treatment to attach them is a bit different than what I have seen in the past. Not what you think of when you think of most 80's shoulder pads. There are no other labels or tags on any of the pieces. Im just wishing someone has heard of Rogier...
    have a great everyone!
  10. glitz*n*glam

    glitz*n*glam Registered Guest

    whoops...should have said "have a great DAY everyone!" :)

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