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Wrong CA or RN number on tag... what's up with that?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by thefawngirls, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. thefawngirls

    thefawngirls Registered Guest

    Found this polkadot "Vintage inspired" dress new with tags at a local thrift store. It seemed like a steal for $5! I know it's obviously not VERY old, but I thought because of the like-new condition it was for sure a modern (2010's) piece but upon further inspection, its origins seem more and more confusing. Now I'm just curious!

    I googled this brand and couldn't find anything relevant. I plugged in the CA number and instead of "Eugenia", got a company called Hsin Ko Enterprises, founded in 1991. I Checked the street address given and according to google street-view, it's just a home. However upon googling the company name, you get a newer street address... plug THAT into google street-view and you get an abandoned building. Google the new company name and you get.... a faucet store.

    So I guess the number on the tag is incorrect, but what does that mean? Is this common practice? If the number on the tag is incorrect, do you suppose any info on the tag is up for debate?

    **for the record, the back of the tag is just the French translation

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  2. Hello, I think you have a brand new modern dress so I agree with your 2010s dating. Built in bras are a fairly recent thing, certainly I haven't seen them going back more than a few years.

    It may have been made by a different company than the company selling/branding the dress. It's quite common for fashion labels to buy stock and sew in their labels.
  3. thefawngirls

    thefawngirls Registered Guest

    Sneaky! Ok! You learn something new every day :) Thanks!

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