You're Invited! Art, Vintage & More at Dorothea's This Weekend

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  1. You\'re Invited! Art, Vintage & More at Dorothea\'s This Weekend

    Anyone near Des Moines, Iowa? Stop in this weekend for my celebration during the Des Moines Arts Festival (more info <a target="_blank" href=>HERE</a>) evening hours Friday & Saturday nights with wine & snacks and open 11-4 on Sunday.

    Not only will this be the grand opening for the loft boutique created by Melissa Speridon of Pink Revolver, and Julie Punelli of Magpie (both fantastic designers using upcycled vintage, vintage fabrics and vintage inspiration for their lines) as "Vintage Vitae", but I also have my fabulous new model, Emily, showing her body painting skills on frameable size prints and postcards. She's got a unique gift!

    Shown here hanging some prints....yes, that guitar is painted on the young man pictured, as are the fishnets on the girl below!


    Her promotional ad for the weekend...


    Lots to do before Friday, stop in if you're anywhere nearby!

  2. That is REALLY too fabulous! I love the leopard and tiger dress next to the tiger painted girl! Your store looks really phenomenal, I wish I could be there with you to do this:


    and this:

  3. anna_newman

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    Wish I could be there--what a cool event. Hope you sell a ton, Ang
  4. poppysvintageclothing

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  5. vintageclothesline

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    WOWEE..Good luck, have fun and let us know what happens! You have it all!!!
  6. Well, its all over and while the Art Festival did well, weather was great, attendance broke 200, didnt translate to sales or high traffic for me. :no:

    I worked 2 11 hour days and was open on Sunday from 10-4, Sunday was a bust, but Friday & Saturday were good. Not stellar, but good. Not thousands of dollars to pad my purse as I leave on vacation in a few hours (whooot!), but good. Worth it I suppose too for the exposure....

    Got the loft opened up, had drinks & snacks Friday night, send the models down to the event w/ fliers....


    By Saturday afternoon they got stopped and told they couldnt do that, so eh, I tried right?

    We went down to the fair and it was ok, lovely things, high priced, great street fair type food, fireworks that scared my daughter.......pretty much a lackluster weekend. It was a little fun, but now I am beat and I have a jillion things to finish packing up to ship, get to the post office and the bank and then Ava & I hit the road to Lake Okoboji!

    I won't be back online til Saturday night, kinda beautiful. So take care guys and have a Happy 4th!!!! :party:

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    Ang - I hope your vacation is re laxing to say the least! I was excited to read of your event.....with bated breath. Why? The same has happened to me at my old shop in Caledonia. A "huge town event" would be on the agenda and we'd prep and prep and prep. In the end.....none were ever what I would have liked to experience!

    BUT...... I have to say that yes they are always worth it in the long run for publicity, exposure and future sales. Many times I had customers come in and bought long after the event - but they "remembered the store" and came back.

    Your place looks fabulous and has a definite first impression! The boutique idea is great and will pull for sure. Niches are keystone - and you just created another good one.

    So hang in there...... steady is golden!
  8. vintageclothesline

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    I admire you so much, Ang. I am sure it will all pay off in the end.

    You and Ava have a wonderful vacation!:clapping:
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