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    I enlarged the photos for you as the thumbnails looked a bit too small.

    The last pair the black ones look the earliest to me, they look 60s to me.

    The gold and yellow and black ones look 80s to me

    and the red and black pair look 90s to me.

    I'm certainly not the shoe expert here, so I'm sure some others will be along who know their shoes dating better than I do.
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    I would say the metallic gold ones are early-mid 90s with that shaped heel 92-94ish? The black sandals are 79-82ish, the red and black sandals - mid-late 70s? I'm not sure without handling. The gold and black ones I think are mid 90s - there was a 60s revival in footwear in 94-96ish that these remind me of.
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    Thank you everybody!

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