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Yves Saint Laurent Label Dating and Country of Mfg

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Larpe, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Larpe

    Larpe Registered Guest

    20160817_035330.jpg 20160817_035213.jpg 20160817_035056.jpg Hi there! My sister purchased this Yves Saint Laurent blazer from a thrift shop in Japan, but I was wondering it was authentic. I looked through the label resource, but it didn't seem to match any. Did Yves Saint Laurent make a line specifically for the japanese market? The care instructions are written in Japanese. Also, to what era would this blazer be from? Thank you! :)
  2. Larpe

    Larpe Registered Guest

    Oops sorry ! Just read the rules about authenticity checks. But to answer that, I guess I'm m still wondering if YSL ever made Japanese labels.
  3. Joji Furukawa

    Joji Furukawa Registered Guest

    I would guess if they export they would need to make labels in different languages. So for example if this jacket was meant for the Japanese market, to be sold in Japan, they would make the label in Japanese.
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  4. Larpe

    Larpe Registered Guest

    Would anyone know what date/period this is from? :)
  5. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand Trade Member

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