Zandra Rhodes Beaded Gown

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG Fashion Parades' started by monstertown, May 5, 2006.

  1. monstertown

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    Holy Cats! Look at what I found this week! I'll be posting it soon to my ebay auctions. It's a stunning 1980's Zandra Rhodes silk crepe gown that is embellished all over with beads and sequins and pearls crystals and embroidery. It is in immaculate shape.

    <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="454" height="800" alt="zandra rhodes" /></a>

    <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="331" height="500" alt="zandra rhodes" /></a>

    <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="159" height="240" alt="zandra rhodes" /></a>

    <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="240" height="159" alt="zandra rhodes" /></a>
  2. Hattysattic

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    Wow! That's a wonderful colour - and a great find! :clapping:
  3. bartondoll

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    What a fantastic find!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!

  4. fuzzylizzie

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  5. Gorgeous! I especially like the beading on the sleeves. :)

  6. pastperfect2

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    Okay - toatlly unrelated, but I have Zandra Rhodes dress story.

    A woman who got my name from the local theatre, called me very desperate because she had borrowed a dress from a friend, wore it and ripped the hem. Could I fix it? She says in a very, very expensive 1930s designer label dress. I am intrigued - a Chanel? a Schiap? a Molyneux? anyway - I say: " I''ll see what I can do".

    She brings it over. The rip is all of 1/2" right at the very edge of a rolled hem, so it's an easy fix. But - I know as soon as she walks it with it , it isn't a 30s dress.

    It was a rather pretty white poly? beaded Zandra Rhodes with a handkerchief hemline. Nice, but not the 30s Chanel I was exepecting.

  7. monstertown

    monstertown Member

  8. NovaFashions

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    I'm usually not a fan of beaded items but that is stunning!

    Very nice!

    I have never seen a Zandra piece I didn't like.

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