1930s silk slip dresses in need of repair!

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    Hi, I have a handful of vintage silk slip dresses, I think from the 1930s. One of them is slowly starting to disintegrate, especially around the straps and seams. Another has completely ripped along the side seam. Due to the delicacy of the fabric and fine material, I'm looking for the best and most sensitive way to repair them or at least reinforce the damaged areas. Thanks for your help in advance.
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    The first is a shorter slip dress, where I think a combination of the fragile material and the age has led the fabric to disintegrate, especially around stressed areas. The second dress ripped when I was wearing it- although it didn't take much :( I'm aware that I don't wantt o ruin the dresses as they are bias cut, so dodgy stitching could make it worse! The second dress had also been fixed before I got it, along the bust line.

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