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1950s nylon panties?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by regan, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

  2. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

  3. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

    Nice website Mag! Brings me back.
  4. I'm sorry you had to deal with that Emms, and I know what you mean. You're talking about non-consensual sex games. I used to get it in my brick and mortar shop and I still get it through the blog, it's a kind of fetish where your innocent reaction is part of the fun for them.

    Particularly prevalent, it seems, for those of us who deal with vintage lingerie, it's hard to avoid and is a situation that needs to be managed. I try not to give them any attention and won't publish or respond to their blog comments. It was harder to deal with in my shop, where they would sometimes prey on my young staff. It's horrible to have to explain these risks to people who are just doing their job but there it is. But it's only a very, very tiny percentage of people and most vintage lingerie lovers are wonderful.

    I like to think that in the vintage community, we've always dressed those who are on the fringe: eccentrics, creatives, people who appreciate quality or just want something different. I'm totally there for you all. But non-consensual is never okay.
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  5. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

    Thank you,
    And I am sorry you have to deal with crazy people like you mentioned. I want one thing only, and that's to deal with beautiful people like yourself. Know individual needs to always hear terrible talk that is disgusting. I love vintage nylon clothing. As I say I started in the early 1960's with the material.
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  6. NylonNostalgia

    NylonNostalgia VFG Member

    Precisely, Nicole, precisely.
  7. Luna Junction

    Luna Junction VFG Member

    I'm chiming in late over here.
    I sold lingerie, vintage and modern for about 10 years on Ebay under the name "miss*hortense", and yes, the majority of my buyers were men. Many of them wrote to me and told me their stories, all about why they have such a "thing" for lingerie. I actually became friends with a few, who still write to me every now and then. A few have found me on Etsy!
    I have great respect all of them, especially when they share their stories.
    One of my repeat buyers was tired of it and sold me his whole collection...so many years ago. And YES, over 250.00 for the right kind of Vanity Fair panties, but that was back then.
    ...and those sheer nylon panties that originated this thread should be worth even more.
  8. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

    Thank you Luna,

    Yes I really want to tell you about my long long panty experience. Hunny, I will start writing my story to you if you don't mind. I will try and write a little each day when I can. I think it is so special for a woman like you who is so so sweet to listen.
    Thank you so much,
    I will begin the next chance I can.
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  9. Luna Junction

    Luna Junction VFG Member

    I used to be miss*hortense on ebay, over 10 yrs ago. Wondering if I already know you!
  10. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

    I don't believe so. We may have crossed paths somewhere though.
  11. Steffie

    Steffie Registered Guest

    I most certainly know about the double nylon gusset panties in the early 60's I starting out wearing.

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