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20s or 30s on these "Kreep a Way" children's slippers?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by cmpollack, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. connie

    connie Alumni

    One other thing, those are almost certainly for a girl/woman. Red is a very female color in Japan. It is especially associated with younger women. (Kinda like pink for girls here.) Men traditionally wear almost all black/brown/grey/blue/green.
  2. cmpollack

    cmpollack VFG Member

    Many thanks, Connie--that color rule of thumb will surely help reduce my cluelessness (a little, anyway!) in the future...

    It's so odd to think of red as a young girl's color, since it has such different connotations as an adult woman's wardrobe choice in our culture!
  3. TinTrunk

    TinTrunk Registered Guest

    What a fascinating thread - I have learned so much here!

    My first reaction was that the box was 1920s in style (I had no idea about the sandals except that they looked Japanese!)

    I'm guessing that these geta were imported, and the box was produced for the export (US?) market. The imagery certainly doesn't look Japanese at all - In fact it looks more European!

    Its interesting about the gendered colour too. I'm so fed up with pink for girls - I'm sure when I was growing up in the 60s/70s pink didn't dominate quite so much, and its horribly tiresome now. OK, I'm a self-confessed tomboy so I won't 'get' it anyway, but honestly . . . !

  4. Most of the picture of me in my infancy and early childhood I am wearing browns, oranges, yellows and plaids. That is the 1970's for ya! But who knows, that was also in the country in Vermont soooo.....
  5. TinTrunk

    TinTrunk Registered Guest

    Ha ha, Amber! That's a very 70s colour palette!

    There's a picture of me sometime in the very early 70s in a red tartan mini kilt, red ribbed polo-neck jumper and multi-coloured striped clogs (worn with knee socks!)

    Oh blimey, I was the belle of the school (not really)!


    PS oops, sorry for hijacking the thread here :BAGUSE:

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