50's/60's Hilton Bowling shirt - cleaning?

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    Just found this Hilton bowling shirt in my moms closet with chain stitch embroidery. Alco Moving & Storage was my grandmothers business. My mom said it was hers when she was around 11, which would be early 70's, but the label matches Hilton shirts from 50's-early 60's. I think it could've been passed down to her. Anyway, I'd like to wear it myself, but i'm not sure how to clean it. Should I have it dry cleaned? Or should I only hand wash it? It feels like rayon. There are many stains which don't bother me much but I added an example photo. Thank you
    IMG_1897.JPG IMG_1898.JPG
  2. vivavintageclothing

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    Hi stainedglass!

    Cool bowling shirt--and how wonderful that it has family history for you!

    Personally, I would have it dry-cleaned, since the chain-stitch embroidery can sometime cause dye-run onto the lighter background fabric. However, if you do not have access to a cleaner that you trust, then you could carefully hand-wash it, in cold water and lay it flat to dry.
  3. stainedglass

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    Thanks for the tip! I would not have known about the embroidery causing dye-run. Thanks!
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    Using a dye catcher sheet in the wash and rinse water might help prevent any dye run.

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