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  1. Antique seeker

    Antique seeker Registered Guest

    I was also looking for information on Addis Co. I found this beautiful coat that I absolutely love! I wish I could post pictures but it seems they are too large to post. I think it is lamb's wool and it is monogrammed!
  2. bubblegumvintage

    bubblegumvintage Registered Guest

    Would love to see if you do manage a smaller pic :)
  3. SpotlightVintageADK

    SpotlightVintageADK Registered Guest

    Would this be 1950s or 60s? The label looks older as it's white with orange lettering handstitched

    addisdressfront.jpg addisdressbackdetail.jpg addisdressback.jpg addislabel.jpg
  4. bubblegumvintage

    bubblegumvintage Registered Guest

    It’s hard to know because of the lack of history around the Addis & Co labels but being a nice woven label it could very well be earlier. You could get other clues from the hem and seam allowance, skirt length, zipper construction, measurements, fabric weave and fibre (burn test)
  5. bubblegumvintage

    bubblegumvintage Registered Guest

    Any advice on the latest addition Nicole?

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