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  1. Midge

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    Finally finished this! I picked this pattern up in an antique shop in Campbell Town, Tasmania for one dollar...
    simplicity 6696.jpg
    And bought this really cool vintage airline logo print fabric from VFG member @silvia-k . I just had to have it... but what to make of it? It does look like a kind of pajama fabric - not that I ever wear or need flannel pajamas... So why not make a kind of housedress? Just something to comfy to hang around at home and wear with leggings. VoilĂ :
    simplicity 6696_2.jpg
    It's not perfect... but hey, it's just for at home... The front opening is slightly off-centre because I misinterpreted the pattern and didn't look at the instructions too closely oopsemoti... typical me! I also went for snaps instead of fabric loops and buttons, and I topstitched the hem :BAGUSE: - not what I usually do with dresses, but I figured this was going to need to be a bit more sturdy when I mooch around on the sofa or whatever :).
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  2. PastPiecesVintage

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    :USETHUMBUP: Job well done. My sis and I wore dresses just like this back in the 70s.
  3. lindapoirier

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  4. sewingmachinegirl

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    LOVE this dress Karin!! Bravo. :cheer:sewingmachineemoti:cheer:
  5. Great idea to use this neat and unique fabric for this pattern! I love it!
  6. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    cute! want to see a photo of it on you (next time you have it on?) please and thank you!
  7. Midge

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    Thanks... well, when I weart his around home I'm usually not photo-ready :hysterical:. Already working on the next one... a bit more dressy, from my Jiffy shift dress pattern - quick one to make.
  8. cmpollack

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    I love that--looks so comfortable, and stylishly so!

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