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    Hi everyone!

    Recently I found this Burberrys London trench coat in excellent condition, with a twist; thing is, it has a full length removable natural fur lining (including arm sleeves) with fur collar, that attaches within the trench coat with clips and buttons. My first thought was that the lining was custom made post-purchase by the original owner, but I don't think that's the case, because the wrist part of the sleeve has buttons with leather detailing for attaching the lining, and the actual lining is perfectly tailored with the coat. The furrier where I took the lining for professional cleaning told me that it is high-quality muskrat fur, another reason to assume that it is actually Burberrys complete design. After reviewing the fur resource section I think it might also be bassarisk fur. The coat is made of 100% Wool (Burella - s howerproof coating) with 100% Viscose lining.

    I will attach more photos with the fur after I get it back from cleaning in the next couple of days. Meanwhile I'm attaching some photos with the trench coat without the lining for you to help with any information possible: year, model, type, collectible, rare, opinions etc.

    What I assume so far is that the coat is a women's model, sometime from the 90s or 80s (the shop Ausoni Lausanne - for which was exclusively made changed the old logo, that is on the coat tag, with the current one in late 90s) and Burberry(s) tag logo. Any other information is really appreciated.

    Thank you everyone! Have a wonderfull day.

    burberrycoat1.jpg burberrycoat2.jpg burberrycoat3.jpg burberrycoat4.jpg burberrycoat5.jpg burberrycoat6.jpg burberrycoat7.jpg burberrycoat9.jpg burberrycoat11.jpg
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    Hi equinox and welcome to the forums.

    I'm not an expert on Burberry but from the labels and style I would expect this coat to be from the '90s.

    A couple of things I can note: I do not consider this to be a trench coat. If you google "Burberry trench coat" you will see that your coat is a much plainer style and without the flaps, and belt that trench coats have. It's also single, rather than double breasted, and has a different silhouette (straight down rather than flared). We can't authenticate here but I see no reason to think that this coat is not Burberry (you have to be cautious as it is a much copied brand).

    As well as being single breasted, the features of your coat include raglan sleeves and a small collar. It looks like wool gabardine. I associate this style with classic '50s menswear but it is worn in other eras too - here's a pic of Cary Grant wearing a lighter, summer version of a similar coat. Sometimes this light version is called a "duster coat".


    Trench coats have become very fashionable in recent years and as a result, the use has broadened and is applied to many coats, in particular it seems to be used for light coloured coats. I have a light grey '50s version of your coat in my shop.

    The lining of course is unusual, but if you post pics of the lining and how it connects, we can see if it's likely to be original. Yours already has a very good lining but that won't necessarily preclude an additional, removable lining. The fur lining sounds like it's excellent quality, made by someone very skilled.
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  3. Retro Ruth

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    I've seen a few burberrys items shown on these forums with that kind of size label with an order number, and we have speculated that it might be a custom order piece from Burberry, where the customer requests certain specifics, eg long rather than standard, and the garment is made for them. So perhaps a special lining was one of the customisations offered.

    If so it's a level of personal tailoring, less than a truly bespoke garment, but more than one bought off-the-rack.

    I'm not sure how that fits with the Ausoni shop label, whether they put such orders through to Burberry. Or whether they could have further added the lining themselves in house, rather than the fur part being made by Burberry

    I believe Burberry still offer this custom service.

    See this thread: http://forums.vintagefashionguild.org/threads/burberrys-skirt.49788/
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  4. equinox

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for your informations and opinions! I just got the lining back from cleaning and I'm attaching a few more images that might help with more details.

    Please let me know if these help with finding out more about this coat.

    IMG_20151114_215606~2.jpg IMG_20151114_220240~2.jpg IMG_20151114_215513~2.jpg IMG_20151114_215811~2.jpg IMG_20151114_220240~2.jpg IMG_20151114_220521~2.jpg IMG_20151114_221141~2.jpg IMG_20151114_221156~2.jpg IMG_20151114_221203~2.jpg IMG_20151114_221508~2.jpg IMG_20151114_221802~2.jpg IMG_20151114_222131.jpg IMG_20151114_221842~2.jpg IMG_20151114_222449~2.jpg
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  5. Basilea_vintage

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    I believe it could be a version of the camden car coat. Try looking up Burberry car coat :)

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