Cibi Label vintage Made in England?

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    Hi all, I'm curious about this label. I have recently bough a few lots at auction of clothing, mostly between the 1950s to 1980s. I just found a swing tag on one of the items with a phone number for the store with the area code 0171 which was an inner London area code between 1995-2000 so I can at least identify that piece as later and now have the location as inner London.

    Haven't been able to find any items by the brand/design house and was wondering if anyone here has heard of them or has any info they could share.... Perhaps it was a boutique? They have their logo on some of the linings of the items, most items are suits, but also quite a few very mid 80s leather wear. E.g white leather jacket with the batwings and matching skirt thumbnail_IMG_5374.jpg thumbnail_IMG_5378.jpg thumbnail_IMG_5377.jpg thumbnail_IMG_5376.jpg thumbnail_IMG_5375.jpg -pictures attached.
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    Bumping just in case it was missed
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    I lived in London from the late 80s until a few years ago. I haven't heard of them. I imagine it was a boutique. I couldn't find any UK company information based on that name, in that era. In 2000 the phone number would have changed from 0171 xxx xxxx to 020 7xxx xxxx. However not not everyone got their stationery reprinted immediately (I remember it well, London went through 4 different area codes in 10 years). So that piece could easily be into the 2000s.

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