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  1. ian dewar

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    Hello.I knew Eric Darnell quite well.He was my landlord from 1970 to 1973 in Hampstead and yes he was the dressmaker for Dusty,who I remember seeing at a party downstairs in 1970.
    He was a funny man who was once a judge for Miss World,and who made a memorable appearance on an early reality show called The Big Time on tv in the late seventies.
    We went into his shop near Selfidges in 1995 and were astounded to find him there -I had been living in Canada for 16 years and assumed he had croaked. We ended up having dinner that evening back in Hampstead with his partner David.
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    Are you still interested in Darnell? I now have a DVD of Eric Darnell talking about his career/life and one of his fashion show at Mossimans (probably in the 80’s) but would need to post these to you
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  3. Pinkcoke

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    Of course Barbara, are you in the UK?
  4. BarbaraRolfe

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    Yes, apologies for delay in replying, happy to post dvds to you in UK.
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    I have just come across your enquiry about Douglas Darnell, I notice it was quite a while ago but I might be able to answer some questions about his early story as I worked at Darnell of London for a few years as a couture dressmaker in the 1960's. When I started work there Douglas Darnell and Eric Plant were in partnership. In about the mid 60's there was falling out and Eric continued to work at the salon in Hinde Street and continued to work under the name of Darnell and Douglas worked from home. As far as I can recall both continued to make dresses for Shirley Bassey. We also made dresses for Dusty Springfield, the lovely Diana Dors, The Beverly sisters and many more stars. We were a small team of about 8 dressmakers a cutter and fitter and a beader. It was quite a happy place to work and exciting to see "our" dresses on the tele and in the press.
  6. BarbaraRolfe

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    Carol, you may have known my brother, Colin?

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