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Edwardian?? Jacket

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by jauntyrooster, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. boncly

    boncly VFG Member

    THANK YOU for pointing that out, Jonathan! I can't count the number of times people have commented to me about how awful corsets "are" (99% of whom have never worn one). A well-made and properly fitted corset is not uncomfortable. Using a power winch to tie oneself into a corset IS uncomfortable. :USEGUN:


    Diana ---> can you tell one of my pet peeves was touched upon???? :D
  2. I agree, I've worn a lot of corsets and always found them quite comfortable: as long as they're the right size and shape for you! Mind you, it's incredibly nice when you take them off after a long night of dancing and get to exhale properly :excited:

    They're also great for posture and stopping you from eating that extra helping. It's hard to stuff yourself with food when your insides are being constricted.

    I'd rather wear a corset than high shoes I can't walk in comfortably.

  3. I have been selling antique and vintage clothing since 1994 and I Still don't know all the answers. Especially with this time period because as Jonathan said, older ladies continued to wear out of date clothing well into the 30s. Mainly because they did not feel comfortable in the new styles.
  4. boncly

    boncly VFG Member

    :USETHUMBUP: Recently, I noticed that the circumference of my waist as increased while nothing else really has. And it has only started happening since I stopped wearing the infamous "mom jeans" with the high waist. Hm.

    Just this past week, I've been seriously contemplating making a new corset to see if I can't reign in this ... mass ... before it's too late. A few years ago, I wore a corset to a dinner ... dress was too small and it was all I had to wear so had no choice but to power winch it. :wacko:

    Let's just say, I found the 19th century version of a stomach stapling. Physically could NOT eat much and definitely felt full.

    Not saying I'd ever wear a corset pulled that tightly again (MISERY!!! Plus NOT healthy!) but I'm thinking maybe it could at least act as a reminder not to eat more than the corset can handle.

    I'm curious if average women's sizes have started going up since the corset and/or girdle were cast aside?

    Diana ;)
  5. Diana, I certainly think that foundation garments both helped ladies feel trim and in shape and encouraged them to do so - whilst loose comfortable clothes do the opposite. I don't like to wear tracksuits when I'm not going to the gym for that reason - I feel like a slob and it encourages me to act like one too! Feeling a little constricted or controlled by your clothes is no bad thing I think, as long as they don't impact negatively on your health.

    Hmm, interesting discussion for topic: what came first, casual clothes or the slob lifestyle it invites? Certainly many of us have gotten a whole lot fatter since clothes got loose in the '80s and many of us just won't wear structured clothes like suits any more! I have trouble fitting young men in suits if they're used to t-shirts and jeans, they expect the same ease of movement but if you feel that way in a suit, it's just not the right size for you.

  6. boncly

    boncly VFG Member

    My money's on casual clothes coming first.

    I'm with you, Nicole. I wouldn't leave the house in sweat pants for the same reason (that, and I would be arrested for causing people to drop dead having to look at me). It makes me feel and even act fatter than I am.

    In addition, I wonder if "disposable" clothing has something to do with it. Whenever we get a little uncomfortable in our clothing, we just send our old stuff to Goodwill and go buy a larger size. If I had to alter every piece of clothing whenever I gained a little weight, I'd pay a lot more attention to what I was putting in my mouth! LOL

    I think this is an interesting subject. :)

    Diana --> thinking about ice cream :horny:

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