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I'm new here and is this an authentic Gilbert Adrian jacket?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by hollyfrocks, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix VFG Member


    I have been watching this thread with interest. Just to add my 2 cents, I agree with Jonathan on the matter of the type of fabric used. It is just not the high quality fabric you find on his work, as he paid so much attention to the materials, having it custom made for his garments, on both his "Originals" and "Custom" labels. The jacket is nice but does not strike me as an Adrian as far as the detailing, fabric and workmanship. Even on his more practical suits, there always that "certain something". The way the label is sewn looks wrong to me, as if there were a larger label there before it, and the sewing on the label is not professional and is messy. It could be the label was taken off and re-sewn back on, but why would that be? To me, the label is very faded out from the black, but the suit color is not. I cannot tell from the scale of the photos....can you give a measurement of the label? It looks like some Adrian hat labels I have, more on the narrow and skinny side, not like the much wider suit labels I have seen on Adrian garments.

    I am not the expert on this, but wanted to add my thoughts.
  2. hollyfrocks

    hollyfrocks Registered Guest

    Hi Barbara. I appreciate your input. The label measures 3" x 1". I think it's pretty safe to assume that it's not an Adrian. I thought it was too good to be true! Although I have found some goodies in my time, this would have been my best find.
    As I was typing this, I decided to recheck it for signs of a label in the front inside, and I just noticed the TINIEST remnants of a label that had been cut out! What remains of it is much newer looking than the Adrian label. Well, one part of the mystery is solved. It's not an Adrian! I feel badly for taking up your time when this little shred of evidence was there all along. Thanks everyone, for your time and for sharing your knowledge.
  3. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    Holly, I went out of town for the week-end. I wouldn't expect the seams to finished under a jacket lining. I think you have a jacket with a lot of style, but I don't think it's an Adrian. But I remind myself again and again that all designers created hundreds and sometimes thousands of garments and only a few have survived.

    In the end, if you bought it to wear, do so and enjoy it. It doesn't matter whether it's an Adrian.
  4. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    Holly, I didn't see Barbara's post earlier.

    You haven't wasted our time. You've learned a lot from your questions and this will enable you to be a better consumer. Next time--it might be an original Adrian.
  5. hollyfrocks

    hollyfrocks Registered Guest

    Thanks Claire. Yes, I really did learn a lot. That's interesting about the seams being unfinished. Now I know that's not unusual. I love the jacket, no matter who made it! I found a Cape yesterday by "Jablow". I'm going to start a new thread on that, as I can't tell if it's 30's or 40's. You are all so generous with your knowledge. So glad "google" stumbled me here!
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  6. Definitely not a waste of time. This has been informative and interesting!

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